A Quick Solution on Outdoor Events: Wedding Tent Reantal

Wedding tent rentals Wedding-a sacred and beautiful bond between two people and their families. A person’s wedding has a special place in their heart and home for the rest of their lives. It’s one of these momentous events of a person’s life. Naturally, everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect and bewitching. Weddings hold […]

Get To Know The Brief History Of Bedouin Tents

Bedouin tents

Bedouin tents The term Bedouin basically is an inhabitant of the word as a desert. The Bedouin are initially an Arab semi-nomadic and ethnic group in North and South Africa. Even in the Middle East, they descended from nomads who are mainly historically inhibited from both the Syrian and Arabian deserts. The Bedouins were the […]

Why You Must Buy Cape Global Marquee Tents?

stretch tents on a campsite

Cape Global Tents – Stretch tents refers to an innovative, modern waterproof fabric that can be staged in a variety of shapes to host an event. They provide required flexibility for custom structuring into variety of shapes when rigging. Stetch tents are widely known as Bedouin tents and they are versatile as compared to the […]