Rent A Stretch Tent

Rent a stretch tent for your wedding, party, festival or corporate event

We offer stretch tents for hire in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. We also have stretch tent for sale in other regions and countries. Wherever our Bedouin and Marquee tent are staged, I bet they always draw the crowd.

Do you have a party to host, a corporate event, a festival event or once in a lifetime intimate wedding? Reach out to us and you will imminently get your tent. We have the rigging know how, equipment and our tents can be mounted to existing structures.

Modular linking system

This enables you to join two or more tents together to accommodate any audience size. Modular linking produces eye catching designs that wow guests. The linking has been tried and tested and can withstand any windy conditions. Well proven in Cape Town unpredictable and windy weather.

Fully Covered

The stretch tents fabric is 100% waterproof, durable, lighter and easy to install. The tent can be staged in different shapes to create that stunning factor to your guest. Create an amazing indoor atmosphere for your indoor garden party, outdoor wedding, top class corporate event or festival event with affordable Cape Global tents today!


We understand that some dream events are extremely unique and only exist in the mind of the owner. We have the means, fabric, the skill, years of experience to design a stretch tent that exclusively appeal to that one and only event.

Stretch Tent Colour Choices

You have the option to choose as we offer a variety ((beige, white, orange, red, yellow, blue etc). For wedding events we recommend mostly premium white and platinum which are most popular colours of choice.

All Shapes

The Cape Global Stretch Tents are adaptable to fit almost any venue and required configurations. Use our stretch tents to come up with sleek designs that will wow the guests and passers-by as they can be rigged in different formats and/or shape (one side down, one side up, two sides down)

A Guide To Available Standard Sizes

Stretch Tent SizeBanquet SeatingCocktail SeatingCinema Seating
5m x 5m121625
6m x 6m182436
5m x 10m2533.350
6m x 9m273654
8m x 9m364872
7m x 12m425684
9m x 12m5472108
10m x 12m6080120
10m x 15m75100150
12m x 15m90120180
12m x 18m108144216
9m x 24m108144216
15m x 18m135180270
15m x 20m150200300
15m x 22m169225338
15m x 30m225300450
18m x 25m225300450
20m x 30m300400600
22m x 30m330440600