Buy A Stretch Tent

Buy A World Renowned & Affordable Stretch Tent

Cape Global Tents is a leading supplier of affordable and quality stretch tents for sale around the globe. Our top of the range Bedouin and Marquee tents are proven in different countries and cultures as they are innovatively designed to meet international standards.

We have reached 15 countries so far and we intent to supply our tents to any country in the world. Stretch tents for hire are available only in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. Other regions and countries, you have to buy.

Buy our tent for any indoor-outdoor event of your choice as the tent are versatile to prove the feel you would want. Weather its corporate event, intimate wedding, garden party or an extravaganza festival. Contact us now and you are assured and covered.

Colors Choices

We sell different colours (beige, white, orange, red, yellow, blue etc) and they can be customised to suit any event you might think of.


The fabric used offer irresistible qualities in the market. Buy our tent and you are assured of these qualities; 100% waterproof, fire retardant, anti-bacteria, lightweight and versatility. The tents material and design offer longevity, strength and sophistication which means they are cost effective and most suitable.

fully covered

The tents are breathable and water resistant which means they are usable throughout the year (summer, spring, winter). More so, the tents can be rigged firmly to withstand heavy winds. Delivery is direct and fast which means you get the tent in no time / almost instantly.