Wedding tent rentals

white Outdoor wedding tents

Wedding-a sacred and beautiful bond between two people and their families. A person’s wedding has a special place in their heart and home for the rest of their lives. It’s one of these momentous events of a person’s life.

Naturally, everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect and bewitching. Weddings hold a special position in most girls’ hearts. They plan their wedding days to the minutest details. They dream of their wedding themes, dresses, songs etc.

 But, fulfilling these dreams can be expensive especially in contemporary times, where inflation is the norm. Tent weddings are not just easy on the pocket but also mesmerising. Wedding tent rentals are all the buzz.

Gone are the days when only red and gold tents were produced and used. Today, tents of multiple colours and themes are used. Depending on the number of guests and your personal preferences different types of tents from pole tents to frame tents to clear tents and be used.

Wedding tents can be easily rented from any wedding supply rentals shop. While most tents are cheap and easy on the pocket, some unique tents might be on the more expensive side.

Tent weddings have multiple benefits. They protect from heat and cold and rain and thus can be used easily in any weather or season.

Unlike in hotels and banquets where the structure and a major amount of decoration is fixed- you can customise the style and structure of tents as well as design your decoration from scratch.

If you are confused between an indoor or an outdoor wedding, a tent wedding is the solution for you. Tents can be fitted with air-conditioners, heaters, walls, chandeliers and what not.

Top 5 wedding tent rentals-

If you are looking for wedding tents for sale or for wedding marquee for sale, below is a list of five best wedding tent rentals in Delhi.


B.K Tent house has been working in this business for 25 years! They have years of experience of organising a multitude of weddings all over the state. They provide mesmerising wedding tent set-ups that are filled with creativity and uniqueness.


Samrat tent house offers their service with a goal to provide you with a beautiful and tasteful wedding setup. All their venues have excellent floral arrangement and light patterns. They provide tenting, venue decoration, lighting, furniture, table decor and more.


Bunty tents provides you with all the raw materials to make your dream wedding come true. They have a lot of experience in planning, designing and conceptualising wedding decorations. They provide excellent light and furniture arrangement. All their designs are aesthetically pleasing.


They are a tent house company working in Delhi. Their team of professionals ensures that the decoration is immaculate and according to your needs and taste. Their services include- tenting, venue decoration, lighting, upholstery and seating and accessories and seating.


Rajwada tents believe in making your wedding day as memorable and as beautiful as possible. They specialise in colourful decor and stage and mandap  decor. Their highly experienced team listens to your ideas and helps create something unique. They provide centrepieces, furniture, accessories, upholstery and seating etc.