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Stretch tents refers to an innovative, modern waterproof fabric that can be staged in a variety of shapes to host an event. They provide required flexibility for custom structuring into variety of shapes when rigging. Stetch tents are widely known as Bedouin tents and they are versatile as compared to the traditional marquee tents.

Why Cape Global Bedouin Stretch Tents:

Marquee tents are portable, open sided, 100% waterproof tents used predominantly to host outdoor events. They’re widely known as large and canvas in design tents though they can be customised to different, multiple sizes and styles in according to your specifications. The tent need to be supported on poles and rigged on the ground by pegs and ropes to provide firmness and balance. Marquees are suitable to host any social or commercial events scu as outdoor exhibitions, party, weddings and any outdoor receptions.

Why Cape Global Marquee Tents?

Our Marquees provide: